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» » Wintery benchmark by LADA VestaFor English speaking
» » Wintery benchmark by LADA VestaFor English speaking

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Wintery benchmark by LADA Vesta\For English speaking

Wintery benchmark by LADA VestaFor English speaking

This is the Lada Vesta. Last year there were plenty of test drives: the model was basically taken apart by Russian auto bloggers looking for the faults. Today we conduct another test drive for the potential buyers. In the process of everyday usage we will try to figure out how the car performs.

LADA Vesta is bigger and heavier than hatchback Granta and saloon Priora models. Vesta is heavier by almost 200 kg than hatchback and by 100 kg than saloon car. Just to compare to another cars in its class Vesta is by 200 kg heavier than Kia Rio and by 150 kg than Solaris and Polo. Vesta is only nominally belongs to class B+. Most of the similar models with such parameters belong to class C. In this Vesta is well ahead of its competitors.

As a result, all safety measures implemented in this new model come in handy. To prove it we are going to conduct several tests.

Let's go!


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